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For Associate Editors

For Reviewers

How do I assign referees?

AE receives an email asking to see through the editorial process of the submission. When AE logins to the system it leads to "Active Editorial Assignments". When the AE clicks on a submission number, he is taken to the "Submission Review" page.

The AE can enter reviewers' names and emails into OJS in the popup window that appears when "Select Reviewers" is clicked.

The AE uses "Select Reviewer" to assign someone to review the submission. The AE has a chance to change the number of weeks given for the assignment, as well as edit the default email before it is sent to the potential reviewer.

The AE can assign one, two or three reviewers to one submission.

The reviewer has access to the assigned paper only if the AE sends the notification through the system.

The AE can use "Notify" to remind reviewers who are late in completing their reviews, and edit the default email accordingly before sending.

Reviewers can upload a version of the paper which they have annotated. These versions can be made available to the author by checking the box in front of the reviewer's file.

The AE can use the "Thank" button to send an acknowledgement email to the reviewer.

Please check your browser settings: the popup windows should be allowed for site.
How do I know if the referee got my request? How do I know if the referee accepted or declined to referee the paper?

The reviewer has to inform AE whether he will undertake the review. The decision should be made by clicking one of two buttons:

"Can do the review." It leads to an email "Article Review Confirmation" which will inform AE that the review is underway.

"Unable to do the review." It leads to an email "Article Review Declined" which the reviewer can revise to indicate, if he wish, why he cannot do the review (e.g., timing, conflict of interest, lack of expertise, etc.).

If the incorrect email of the reviewer is indicated in the system and in case any email is sent to him the SSY admin will receive a failure notice.
How do I get the referee reports?

The reviewer prepares the Review of the submission by entering it directly into the Review text-box. The reviewer can indicate on the Review text-box whether all or part of the Review should not be shared with the Author. The reviewer also has the option of uploading files for the AEs' and/or the Author' access. These files may be a reviewer-annotated version of the submission or some relevant data or other materials that will assist AE and/or Author. It is at the AE discretion whether these files are shown to the Author. If AE wants to make reviewer's report visible for the author he can mark checkbox "Reviewer's annotated version of file (optional):" and save his decision with the button "Save Author Access Status".

The reviewer must select a Recommendation for the submission from among the following options: Accept, Accept with Revisions, Resubmit for Review, Resubmit Elsewhere, Decline, See Comments. When the reviewer clicks "Submit Review" it leads to an email to the AE "Article Review Completed", as well as making visible to the AE the Recommendation, Review and any uploaded files. The email can be edited by the reviewer before sending.
How do I enter my report and my recommendation. How do I forward my report and recommendation to the Editor?

AE sends his report and recommendation to the Editor by email outside the system. AE informs the Editor by email that referee report is in the system or sends the referee report to the Editor by email. The editorial decision on the submission for the author is made in the system by the Editor.
How do I organize second round of review?

AE asks the reviewer to login to the system and examine the revision. AE can use "Remind" button and edit the default email accordingly before sending. Reviewer cannot make new decision, however he can put his comments in the reviewer's comments field.
Why I cannot access paper in the system?

1. The reviewer has access to the assigned paper only if the AE sent the notification "Article Review Request" through the system.
2. If you have two or more accounts (as AE, as author) in the system, please check if you use your reviewer's login. Please e-mail to if you lost your login data.

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