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Exchangeable pairs and Poisson approximation

Sourav Chatterjee, Stanford University
Persi Diaconis, Stanford University
Elizabeth Meckes, Stanford University

This is a survery paper on Poisson approximation using Stein's method of exchangeable pairs. We illustrate using Poisson-binomial trials and many variations on three classical problems of combinatorial probability: the matching problem, the coupon collector's problem, and the birthday problem. While many details are new, the results are closely related to a body of work developed by Andrew Barbour, Louis Chen, Richard Arratia, Lou Gordon, Larry Goldstein, and their collaborators. Some comparison with these other approaches is offered.

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Chatterjee, Sourav, Diaconis, Persi, Meckes, Elizabeth, Exchangeable pairs and Poisson approximation, Probability Surveys, 2, (2005), 64-106 (electronic).


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