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 Probability Surveys > Vol. 13 (2016) open journal systems 

From extreme values of i.i.d. random fields to extreme eigenvalues of finite-volume Anderson Hamiltonian

Arvydas Astrauskas, Institute of Mathematics & Informatics, Vilnius University

The aim of this paper is to study asymptotic geometric properties almost surely or/and in probability of extreme order statistics of an i.i.d. random field (potential) indexed by sites of multidimensional lattice cube, the volume of which unboundedly increases. We discuss the following topics: (I) high level exceedances, in particular, clustering of exceedances; (II) decay rate of spacings in comparison with increasing rate of extreme order statistics; (III) minimum of spacings of successive order statistics; (IV) asymptotic behavior of values neighboring to extremes and so on. The conditions of the results are formulated in terms of regular variation (RV) of the cumulative hazard function and its inverse. A relationship between RV classes of the present paper as well as their links to the well-known RV classes (including domains of attraction of max-stable distributions) are discussed.

The asymptotic behavior of functionals (I)–(IV) determines the asymptotic structure of the top eigenvalues and the corresponding eigenfunctions of the large-volume discrete Schrödinger operators with an i.i.d. potential (Anderson Hamiltonian). Thus, another aim of the present paper is to review and comment a recent progress on the extreme value theory for eigenvalues of random Schrödinger operators as well as to provide a clear and rigorous understanding of the relationship between the top eigenvalues and extreme values of i.i.d. random potentials. We also discuss their links to the long-time intermittent behavior of the parabolic problems associated with the Anderson Hamiltonian via spectral representation of solutions.

AMS 2000 subject classifications: Primary 60G70, 60H25, 82B44, 35P05; secondary 60F05, 60F15, 60G60, 82C44, 35P15, 15B52, 26A12.

Keywords: Extreme value theory, Poisson limit theorems, extreme order statistics, high-level exceedances, spacings, regular variation, Weibull distribution, discrete Schrödinger operator, Anderson Hamiltonian, random potential, largest eigenvalues, principal eigenvalues, localisation, parabolic Anderson model, intermittency.

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Astrauskas, Arvydas, From extreme values of i.i.d. random fields to extreme eigenvalues of finite-volume Anderson Hamiltonian, Probability Surveys, 13, (2016), 156-244 (electronic). DOI: 10.1214/15-PS252.


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