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 Probability Surveys > Vol. 1 (2004) open journal systems 

Nonclassical stochastic flows and continuous products

Boris Tsirelson, Tel Aviv University

Contrary to the classical wisdom, processes with independent values (defined properly) are much more diverse than white noises combined with Poisson point processes, and product systems are much more diverse than Fock spaces. This text is a survey of recent progress in constructing and investigating nonclassical stochastic flows and continuous products of probability spaces and Hilbert spaces.

AMS 2000 subject classifications: Primary 60G20; secondary 46L53.

Keywords: stochastic flows, continuous products, noise, stability, sensitivity.

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Tsirelson, Boris, Nonclassical stochastic flows and continuous products, Probability Surveys, 1, (2004), 173-298 (electronic).


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