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 Around the circular law   Abstract | PDF
  Charles Bordenave and Djalil Chafaï
 Pages: 1-89

 A lecture on the averaging process   Abstract | PDF
  David Aldous and Daniel Lanoue
 Pages: 90-102

 Simply generated trees, conditioned Galton–Watson trees, random allocations and condensation   Abstract | PDF
  Svante Janson
 Pages: 103-252

 On temporally completely monotone functions for Markov processes   Abstract | PDF
  Francis Hirsch and Marc Yor
 Pages: 253-286

 Szegö's theorem and its probabilistic descendants   Abstract | PDF
  Nicholas H. Bingham
 Pages: 287-324

 Multivariate prediction and matrix Szegö theory   Abstract | PDF
  Nicholas H. Bingham
 Pages: 325-339

 Quasi-stationary distributions and population processes   Abstract | PDF
  Sylvie Méléard and Denis Villemonais
 Pages: 340-410

 Bougerol's identity in law and extensions   Abstract | PDF
  Stavros Vakeroudis
 Pages: 411-437

 Erratum: Three theorems in discrete random geometry   Abstract | PDF
  Geoffrey R. Grimmett
 Pages: 438-438

 Quantile coupling inequalities and their applications   Abstract | PDF
  David M. Mason and Harrison Zhou
 Pages: 439-479

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